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United States
Current Residence: The Second Hellmouth
Operating System: windows
MP3 player of choice: Sansa Fuze
Wallpaper of choice: FMA
Skin of choice: FMA
Favourite cartoon character: Kakashi Hatake, Fuuko Kirisawa, Leonardo Hamato
Personal Quote: The greatest enemy is the one once called friend ~ Sakumo (Following the Life of the Copy Ninja)
Yeah i know it took my forever to do since i didn't have time to play it much, but i finally did. My team:

Charmer the Charizard (m)
Lv 66 | Quiet | Blaze

HP: 186
Atk 136
Df: 119
Sp Atk: 218
Sp Df: 127
Spd: 159

Are you surprised that he has the name Charmer? :XD:

Codec the Vivillon (m)
Lv 67 | Mild | Shield Dust

HP: 198
Atk 91
Df: 81
Sp Atk: 182
Sp Df: 97
Spd: 152

I never expected Codec to be with me to the end, i expected to ditch him the moment i caught Goomy or Noibat... but nope, i couldn't do it. Man, what is with the bug types the past couple gens? Not sure yet if he'll be on my final team for competitive battles just yet though, but chances are very good that he will.

Aura the Aurorus (f)
Lv 63 | Calm | Refrigerate

HP: 251
Atk 107
Df: 115
Sp Atk: 179
Sp Df: 144
Spd: 86

First ice type since Dewgong back in the days of Blue version to make it to the League. i wasn't sure about evolving her but i am so glad i did. A good solid chance of getting on my final team.

Frank the Helioptile (m)
Lv 60 | Relaxed | Dry Skin

HP: 136
Atk 59
Df: 58
Sp Atk: 125
Sp Df: 74
Spd: 109

He was an issue to fight with but i refused to let him evolve, otherwise Frank wouldn't fit him anymore. (Named after the frilled lizard from Rescuers Down Under). However, he will not be joining me for online battles, Jolteon will be taking his place.

Perie the Talonflame (m)
Lv 73 | Adamant | Flame Body

HP: 221
Atk 205
Df: 118
Sp Atk: 126
Sp Df: 119
Spd: 226

You have no idea how happy i was to finally see a Peregrine Falcon based pokemon (my favorite bird)... and it's FIRE too! i got lucky in catching an Adamant Fletchling in the beginning and boosted attack and speed. Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, Flame Charge, and Steel Wing just decimated the Elite Four. Will he be following me to online battle? ABSOLUTELY!

Luna the Delphox (f)
Lv 60 | Quirky | Blaze

HP: 178
Atk 109
Df: 99
Sp Atk: 188
Sp Df: 142
Spd: 165

I wanted this starter the moment i saw her... but wasn't sure about letting her evolve. i'm glad i did though as she did a pretty good job ingame. will she be following Perie to online play? No. Overall she was a let down and when i replay the game i will be starting with Froakie... did i really just type that?

Planned online team:
Decided on:
Charizard, Jolteon, Talonflame, Ninetales (hopefully shiny)
Vivillon, Aurorus, Leavanny, Chandelure, Houndoom, Infernape, or Krookodile.

These guys above will of course be re-bred for better natures and EV training (or in the case of Perie, a better ability)

Anyways, does anyone have a friend safari with ninetales?
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: Game of Thrones
  • Watching: NCIS: LA
  • Playing: Pokemon X
  • Drinking: Water

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